Alma Deutscher


There was a wonderful performance of Cinderella on July 12, in the open-air festival of the beautiful Schloss Kittsee near Vienna. Austrian TV report here

Standing Ovation for the premiere of Cinderella on 29.12.2016 in Vienna. All performances were sold out. Maestro Zubin Mehta was the patron of the production.

Here is a snippet from the performance: Cinderella’s sad ballad from Act I. When the stepmother has shown her true face, Cinderella realizes for the first time that she is completely alone in the world and that her stepmother and stepsisters really hate her. She sings a ballad about a lonely beggar girl who is deluded to think that there are people around who love her. When Cinderella later flees from the ball, she will sing the end of this aria to the prince. The prince is haunted by the melody, and especially by the painful harmony on the word ‘Dunkel’ (‘darkness’). And this is how he will eventually find Cinderella in the end: not with a shoe, but through this melody. Theresa Krügl sings Cinderella.

This short article, from the programme notes, gives some background about the history and compositions of Alma’s opera Cinderella. (English and German versions below):

The story of Alma’s Cinderella
Die Geschichte der Cinderella